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How It Works

Contact us any way you feel comfortable. We are very prompt with our response.

Call or Text - (561) 360-7156​​​

Email - Flashdrycleaner@gmail

Website - Schedule a Pick Up

Mobile Phone

Upon our first visit to your home/business we will note any preferences you may have, collect the credit card on file form, and gift you a free laundry bag.

Delivery Bag.jpg

We will collect your name, phone number, address and schedule a pick up at a convenient time for you.

Customer Support Representative

Once your order is complete, we will schedule a drop off (photo sent if no one is present). Your credit card on file will be charged after your order is delivered.

Service Van

You can use your Flash bag to accumulate dirty clothes. When you are ready for a pick up you just call, text, or email and you will be added to the next available route.

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