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Professional Alterations Service in Lake Worth

Sewing Threads
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Welcome to Flash Dry Cleaners, your trusted partner in garment care for over two decades in the Lake Worth community. Meet Marion, our skilled seamstress, who has been dedicatedly crafting impeccable alterations for our valued customers since our inception. From minor adjustments to major transformations, Marion's expertise ensures that your garments receive the attention they deserve. Explore our alteration services and let us tailor the perfect fit for your wardrobe needs.

What We


Shortening or lengthening pants, skirts, dresses, jackets, or sleeves to the desired length.

Zipper Replacement

Installing a new zipper in garments where the zipper is damaged or needs an upgrade.


Adjusting the width of pants or sleeves for a more tailored look.

Taking In or Letting Out

Adjusting the size of a garment by either reducing or increasing its width.

Patchwork and Mending

Repairing tears, holes, or other damages in the fabric.

Strap Shortening 

Modifying the length of straps on dresses or tops.

Wow! So impressed. Excellent customer service, great quality, no yucky dry cleaning smell, fantastic alternations, great prices. This is truly a 5 star place! 100% recommend!

-Casey C.

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